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040819-003bI have some big news to report, but I'm holding off until things are "signed, sealed & delivered" (actually, things have been signed, sealed, and FedEx should have delivered by now) before I get into it here ... it's something that has been brewing for quite a while now, but looks like we're a "go", and I'm just waiting to hear that we're set before spewing in my journal ... one of those things that just felt like it would have been "jinxed" were I to start babbling about it while still in the works!

Anyway ... I was over at the afore-mentioned FedEx yesterday to get stuff where it needed to be, and made a bit of a side-trip over to the Walgreens at Michigan & Chicago to pick up some shampoo that the one up by us had been out of yesterday (now, there's a mundane detail for ya!). It was pushing 5:00pm at that time, and things were getting crowded with a mix of folks getting off of work and the gawking tourists, so I opted to take a route that I usually wouldn't have, seeking to avoid most of the main sidewalk congestion, cutting through the Water Tower park. As I neared it, I looked up and saw this interesting juxtaposition of the old (pre-Fire) Water Tower with the John Hancock center against a photogenic sky ... so, I pulled out my little digital cam, and shot a few pictures.

As I've bitched in here before, my digital camera, while having many virtues, has some "issues" with light levels, and I had to take several to get one where the Water Tower had some detail (and wasn't all deep shadow against the sky). To get the best visibility for the stonework, I had to opt to use a "2nd choice" in terms of composition of the angles of the buildings, also taking in a lot more sky (which I then cropped out to this). Yeah, yeah, you really don't care about the minutia ... "Sounds like that cheap-ass needs to go invest in a better camera!" ... I can hear you thinking it!

Well ... hopefully I will have some groovy stuff to write about later ... I suppose I should go make some phone calls to see what's what with the various who's involved!

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