BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Ah ... wouldn't it be "luverly"?

At the risk of riling my more liberal readers, I just couldn't pass up posting this ... it's the current AOL Elections 2004 Straw Poll result map ... I only wish that come November the map ends up looking like this ... a total landslide for Bush!


This "McGovern-like" oblitteration of the Democrats might finally close the circle started in the McGovern campaign ... the abdication of the Democratic Party to the hard-leftist elements of A.N.S.W.E.R.,, and the rest of the Neo-Stalinist terror apologists. Were Kerry to go down hard like this it would become CLEAR that the Leftists don't represent the people of the U.S.A., no matter how much the pinkos like Dan Rather or the NYT editorial board might want to make believe that their stand is "centrist" ... it would be obvious that the Media has for decades been a stooge for those trying to force "socialism in sheep's clothing" upon us, and an active partner with America's enemies!

A Bush landslide would force the Democrats to return to a center that actually represents the Nation, not those few "lefist/socialist" enclaves that went for Gore on the county-by-county map the last time ... it's almost laughable to say the U.S. is "divided" between ideologies ... the 2000 election map looks like a once-robust red creature diseased by decaying blue gashes ...


The infection, of course, is the Leftism which was carefully seeded during the Cold War, where media, academia, and the arts were all targeted by our foes for infestation. Over the decades the sick memes of the Left established themselves in these enclaves and created the twisted through-the-looking-glass world where pundits, who by any honest gauge are no more "centrist" than Castro, feel they speak for the American heartland rather than for the not-so-extreme-Left (although they will champion the extreme Left at the drop of a hat!).

Frankly, as a Libertarian, I've never considerd George Bush to be "all that & a bag of chips" as he's obviously no crusader for smaller government ... but I sure do hope he wins by a HUGE margin this fall, just to eviscerate the rotten core of the Democratic Party and bring the lying scum of the Left to some reckoning!

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