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I'm exhausted. I've been fighting with the damn DSL all fucking weekend. I did get it up and running on the computer which has the ethernet cord plugged into it, but have not managed to be able to coax any of the other systems to play with the wireless. DAMN!

Tonight, I thought I'd be "clever" and get the technical service guys to walk me through setting up one of the other computers ... in the process (and having to slog through a heavy Indian accent), I discovered that they don't support Windows 98 ... only 98se and above. Unfortunately, THREE of the computers I'm wanting to hook up are running 98.

This, though, does not explain why the ones I've messed with so far aren't working ... my laptop has Windows 2000 pro on it, and the one desktop I put a card into is running Windows ME. BOTH of those should be working but aren't. Tomorrow I'll try putting a card in the new XP machine and see if I can get that to work. I mean, COME ON ... this should not be fucking brain surgery, but I've spent HOURS trying to get these damn things to work, and NADA.

Has anybody out there every bought anything from CD Cheap ( I've seen their ads before ... and, frankly, I think they're were a lot of that "discount software" spam ends up. They have great prices, but I get a bad vibe from their site ... that "too good to be true" filter kicking in. Anybody have experience with these guys? I ended up at their page a number of times chasing after some OEM version of 98se (of course, they're selling XP pro for $50!) and I'm wondering if I could go that way, it might be better than just finding an old W98 to 98se upgrade package.

Grrrrrrrr .... days like this I really really miss drinking!

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