BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

dum de dum dum to me ...

Well, thanks to all who have passed along B-day wishes!

This morning started early as The Girls were up and raring to go at 5am ... fortunately The Wife convinced them to let me sleep to at least 6:30. Our plans for the day are a bit hazy, as The Wife thought the new shark movie had started this week, but it's not here until 10/1, and there is nothing else we can realistically bring the kids to (having already seen Sky Captain). For some reason Daughter #1 has a half-day today and the thinking was that we'd pick her up, go have a nice lunch, and see a movie, but as the ONLY even plausible film out at the moment is What the Bleep Do We Know? ... and I'm pretty sure that I'm the only on in the family with any interest in seeing it ... I guess we're going to have to come up with another plan (Daughter #2 suggests Chuck E Cheese).

I've been "having issues" this week with this being the first birthday in my now 47 years that I've not had my Mother around for. There is all sorts of built-in sadness there, plus a lot of frustration that I've not been able to finish up with my end of getting her estate settled (when I blew out my knee last month the dragging stuff to storage program ground to a complete stop). Eh ... more tears.

Anyway ... I did get some good loot ... a new leather jacket ... a replacement for my databank geek watch which has started to have a delusion about it being 1/1/95 .... new CDs by Patti Smith, Prince, Morrisey, The Cure, and the Beastie Boys ... a boxed set of Lord Of The Rings DVDs (I have not as yet seen any of the movies) ... a Hulk alarm clock ... some gift certificates ... and various pieces of artwork from my daughters.

The Wife and I are going to try to get out for a "real dinner" next week at Tru (and burn through a bunch of accumulated restaurant gift certificates in the process), she'd tried to get a reservation for this weekend, but was told that their Friday and Saturday dinner-hours (yeah, we could have a 10:30 reservation!) are booked up something like 16 weeks in advance ... so, we're up in the air for lunch and dinner today. I guess I'll catch folks up on the festivities later!

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