BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Hurricanes with Mr. Hoagland!


Now, this isn't Ivan ... it's Isabel ... but just look at that pentagram at the heart of it! Hoagland's off on one of his quests, this time spurred by seeing an image on TV of Isabel's eye (old images of Isabel were being used by MSNBC to tag their current hurricane coverage). Once he figured out why no matching Ivan imagry was available, he started to ask "why is the eye like that?" and tailed into his on-going (and quite fascinating) "hyperdimensional physics" ... I realize that a lot of people think his theories are a lot of hooey ... but my "gut" tells me that he's onto something substantial and real with the hyperdimensional stuff.

Anyway ... go check it out at: "Hyperdimensional Hurricanes?"

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