BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Where's ANA?

I've been off-line most of the day (we've been passing around a bug at chez Tripp, and today was my day to crawl into bed and whimper) but when I got on today I couldn't find ana's site, with both and coming up with "could not be found" errors in Netscape!

I would have thought that if she's had some "catastrophic failure" on her systems or ISP, that she would have at least updated her LJ (over at Jason's if need be), but there's no mention of the site being down on her LJ, nothing since a couple of random posts she put up on Saturday in her main journal and one from Sunday morning in her hat journal.

Anybody know what's up with that???

Hmmm ... maybe it was AOL having the vapors ... I just lost my connection there and when I got back on, I had no problem finding her site ... how odd.

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