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more poetry ...

Ah, I just love it when I've blocked some time/space for writing and a poem "flows" out ... which this one did ... had to go get Daughter #1 from her school (about a 45 minute El ride) and then get her to her marial arts class ... which meant that I had at least that 45 minutes of "train time" on the way up there.

                    IN EVERY PLACE AMID

                    in the mists
                    across the haze
                    these becomings
                    unfold below
                    charting newness
                    things unveiled
                    yet occluded
                    and indistinct

                    in our passage
                    we attain
                    the markers
                    of the myriad miles
                    the soft impressions,
                    echoes, stains,
                    of what in moments
                    had moved by

                    these linger, shape
                    and mold our way,
                    lending structure,
                    adding form,
                    placing limits,
                    truing frames,
                    defining other
                    separate from the self

                    how might we
                    assess these lines
                    within the current
                    of the flow?
                    how might we
                    in vision know
                    the central truths
                    of here and there?

                    it is an absence
                    which aligns
                    the matrix points,
                    the atlas grids;
                    it is not being
                    which defines,
                    but contact zones
                    ephemeral and unclear

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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