BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

I give up ...

I have been trying now for over two weeks to get the god-damned motherfucking wireless DSL thing set up ... as I previously noted, it works fine on the machine where it's hooked up by ethernet cable, but I can NOT get the damned thing to talk to ANY of the other computers. Hell, I went out and bought XP just to get the other machines to play nice ... and nada! I am also so fucking sick of having the asswipes at SBC tech "support" treat me like I'm a monkey who's never seen a fucking computer before. I have so far managed to get one machine (the one running ME) to at least recognize that there IS a wireless signal present ... but I can't get any program on that (like MSIE or Netscape or AOL) to recognize that there's a connection to be had there! The others, fuck ... they don't see nuthin' they can't do nuthin' and all XP's wizard will tell me is that the hardware isn't connected (despite the device manager telling me that the card is working fine). I just want to kill kill kill kill kill kill.

The Wife, however, has convinced me that I should break down and call in outside help. I really really hate having to do this, because, obviously on one level it implies that I am too fucking stupid to be able to get the wireless LAN set up, and on the other it means throwing MORE MONEY at something THAT SHOULD FUCKING WORK IN THE FIRST PLACE. Anyway, I'd heard of GeekSquad from when ana was using them to keep her site running, and as they're now down here in Chicago I gave them a call. To their unending credit, they charge by the job rather than by the hour, so they were able to give me a flat rate for this (well, a flat rate plus X$ for additional computers past the first two), so at least we'll know how much we're going to have to spend to make the god-damned SBC Yahoo sack of shit wireless network crap working. I'm going to finish upgrading the ones that need XP and install the wireless cards, and then have the G.S. "Agents" come in and beat this shit until it cooperates. I think I'm going to re-name that stupid wireless box "Mr. Anderson".

I am going to go pixel-edit some graphics (my own personal zen) now, so I will be less likely to scream obscenities at the phone this afternoon.

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