BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Ah, some politics just for the heck of it ...

This is a fascinating tidbit ...
Another bad augury for Kerry is that only 40 percent of his supporters in the New York Times-CBS poll like him. Nearly as many say they are supporting him simply because they dislike Bush. By contrast, 80 percent of Bush supporters like their candidate, and only 9 percent say they support him because they dislike Kerry.
That really is amazing ... less than half of Kerry supporters actually like him? You would think that the Libertarian Party would be re-shaping the Badnarik campaign along the lines of: "Michael Badnarik ... every bit 'Not Bush' as Kerry, but less creepy!".

Anyway ... this is from the pen of every Leftist's favorite boogieperson ... Ann Coulter ... in today's Parlez-vous political free fall?

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