BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Bleh ... off for the meeting ...

Man ... this whole Libertarian Party of Chicago fund raising gig has become a colossal pain in the ass ... EVERY damn thing I've tried to get done has been shot down for one thing or another ... and now they're talking about doing "drunken whirly ball" (whatever the fuck THAT is) as a fund-raising gig. Frankly ... if it comes down to that, I'm out of there. Anyway ... got ONE CafePress site up for them ... ended up using the graphic I did for the cover of The Terminal Journal a couple of issues back ... I wonder what complaints I'll hear about THIS? It's amazing, but there is damn near NO "political" clip art out there ... I was searching for a good chunk of the day, and the only stuff that even shows up are political cartoonists' stuff that needs to be licensed. Where the hell do all those stupid elephant and donkey graphics come from? None of my big clip art clollections even LIST "politics" or "elections"!

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