BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

eBay/Pokemon update ...

Oh, come on ... you know that on some level you were wondering how I did last night! Well, my suspicions were correct ... I got outbid on virtually everything this afternoon/evening ... I don't know where everybody else was last night when I won all 26 things I was bidding on!

As I noted, I bid on a total of 75 auctions ... won 26 of them last night, won 4 this afternoon, and then another 5 this evening ... so since my previous post on this I went 9/49, which actually surprised me, as when I last checked (about an hour out from the last group of closings) I was still winning on a couple of dozen auctions. Oh, well ... I won 35 cards, at a penny each. The total "retail" for these cards (which ranged from $2-7 on the "cheap site") was $122.00 and I'm anticipating the "damages" for this coming to a mere $10.85 (only 35¢ of which is the card costs, the rest being shipping!), which is easily comparable to having a beverage and a few games of pinball, so I don't feel so bad. Heck, even if all my bids had won (at their max levels, not at a penny each) I'd have only been on the hook for $29.00, so it was a lot of "play" for very little "pay"!

Geez ... can you imagine how obsessive-compulsive my posts would be if I actually gambled? Heh!

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