BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

DSL update ...

Well ... the new computer (bought for the new business) in the back is now registering the DSL wireless signal and I was sucessfully able to get on line there. I assume (since of the 4 computers on that side of the house, it's the farthest from the antenna) that the other three are now working as well.

However, to achieve this, I had to disconnect the antenna thing from my new computer, which will eventually be in the other direction from the antenna, so I'm going to have to install a wireless card in that one as well. I am thinking, however, that I might very well be able to get on-line without having to get a range extender, since where my new computer is going to be in relation to the antenna is just about as far as the new company computer is. We'll see. I'm not quite done with that installation, though ... while I made a little shelf to go up in the main (front-to-back) hallway, and drilled through the wall to get power and phone cords to it (and extended power to that from inside a closet, and drilled through another wall to get the phone cable heading in the right direction), right now the main phone line heading out there is just stuck up with masking tape along the edge of the ceiling and the walls. I'm sure that The Wife will prefer this not be a permanent feature. The hardware store tells me that those self-adhesive plastic wire channel things will be coming in on Tuesday, so I'll be back up on the ladder installing that stuff later this week.

Being able to download porn movie clips fast had damn well better be worth it!
edit: {That's a JOKE, dammit!}

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