BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

DSL up ...

OK ... although this computer doesn't have it, every other one in the house does (well, except for my laptop) at this point. When we had to move the tower to a more central location it necessitated that I put a wireless card in my "new" (hey, I bought it over a year ago, but I hate installing software so much that I still haven't made the switch-over!) computer, which was initially connected to the wireless thing by an ethernet cable. This, unfortunately, ended up as useless as all the others had been previous to the visit by the GeekSquad guy. However, I had a reason to call ... he'd left dial-up as the main option on The Wife's computer, which meant that she couldn't get TO the DSL signal, so I had to ask how to undo that ... when he called back, I had him "walk me through" what I needed to do to coax the wireless card I'd installed that morning to work. It took some doing (a lot of deleting stuff in Device Manager and refreshing it's "new hardware found" thing), but it is now talking with the DSL.

Unfortunately, I found that I can't coax TWO computers to run the same copy of Windows XP ... so I'm going to have to go get at least another code for that (I'd used one upgrade package to get both the Wife's and Daughter #1's computers from W98 to Wxp, and Microsoft won't let me "activate" the second one with the same code ... I thought you could install on "up to two CPUs", but that must be full Windows and not the upgrade package ... dammit) or #1's computer will, I guess, stop functioning in 90 days.

I guess my next big computer thing is bringing the new computer into my office. I dread doing this, due to the aforementioned installation phobias. I dread the thought of having to go get drivers for everything, finding the "original" software to install (so that upgrades several generations later will load), and all that crap. I hate it ... hate it ... hate it! It always takes me the better part of a year to switch between systems, and this time it's taken almost a year and a half! Bleh. I miss getting systems with a ton of software pre-installed!

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