BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Grrrrr ...

"Back in the day" you used to be able to get decent zip code maps from the post office ... it seems that's ancient history. I've been tying to do a very simple project of seeing WHERE the various suburban franchisees for ClubZ! are located (I have lists of their zip codes), but NOBODY has free maps ... or even reasonable maps ... and the Post Office no longer has ANY cogent info (yeah, they have a text file telling you where the boundaries are block-by-block) on zip code locations! Yeah, you can get little maps for each zip code off of the Census site, but if you want something showing zip codes on an area map, it looks like the only options is paying hundreds of dollars ... that sucks big time!

Anybody know of any resources that I might be missing for this (aside from above-mentioned Census site)? I need something that I can print out or copy and then mark up to define boundaries. Hell ... I don't even actually "need" this, but we're trying to get a handle on "who is where" so we can have a better fix on why we're having to carry such a big load on some co-op projects.

Damn ... this is one information thing that was easier/cheaper to get before the Web came along. Heck, they're not even publishing the old zip code annuals (which did have pretty decent maps) anymore (it looks like the last one from Rand McNally was from 1998!).


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