BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Am I insensitive or just old?

I've been seeing journal after journal on my Friends List go all weepy about Christopher Reeves dying. I don't get it. The guy had one big movie role, broke his neck in a freak accident, and has been pretty much only notable for his disability since. I mean, I can understand people mourning Brando's passing, as he was a Film Great whose work echoes through the whole medium, but Reeves was pretty much just "guy who played Superman and broke his neck".

I'm allowing the possibility that I'm just too old for him to have been "an icon for me" (as one poster put it) ... the first Superman movie came out when I was in college, so his defining role was hardly part of my childhood mythology. I guess it's like Star Wars ... I enjoyed the films when they first came out, but I was in college for the first one, so they never achieved "defining themes" for me the way they are for folks a decade or so younger than I am. Reeves is on a par for me with the likes of Mark Hamill, an actor I recognize, but one with no "meaning" for me on a personal basis.

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