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"Presidential Selector" ...

O.K. ... saw this over in libertarianism and took it to post there, but found the results so interesting that I decided that I'd add it over here as well ...

Needless to say, I'm not surprised ... actually, this is a pretty accutate call, as in my head, Bush and Badnarik are neck-and-neck with Bush having a slight lead ...

I'm breaking this list up into top-middle-bottom thirds ... the top two are obvious, but there are some interesting dynamics in the other groupings. For instance, the only prominent Democrat that I have ANY respect for is Joe Lieberman, and yet he came in a smidge lower that the two "shit filled johns", and ahead of Peroutka ... I wonder what spin on the results put the Constitution Party that far down on my list?

1. Your ideal theoretical candidate. (100%)
2. Bush, President George W. - Republican (70%)
3. Badnarik, Michael - Libertarian (69%)

4. Gephardt, Rep. Dick, MO - Democrat (40%)
5. Edwards, Senator John, NC - Democrat (37%)
6. Kerry, Senator John, MA - Democrat (37%)
7. Lieberman, Senator Joe, CT - Democrat (35%)
8. Peroutka, Michael - Constitution Party (34%)

9. Dean, Gov. Howard, VT - Democrat (30%)
10. Kucinich, Rep. Dennis, OH - Democrat (25%)
11. Sharpton, Reverend Al - Democrat (21%)
12. Hagelin, Dr. John - Natural Law (21%)
13. Cobb, David - Green Party (14%)
14. Nader, Ralph - Independent (14%)
15. LaRouche, Lyndon H. Jr. - Democrat (14%)
16. Clark, Retired General Wesley K., AR - Democrat (11%)
17. Brown, Walt - Socialist Party (9%)
18. Moseley-Braun, Former Senator Carol, IL - Democrat (7%)

I'm not surprised at how far down the list Moseley-Braun is ... man, it was humiliating to have that socialist bitch as our Senator!

One thing I found irritating about this was that questions 14, 15, and 16 dealt with whether you were for or against the stances of three VERY left-wing organizations ... which I think skewed thing somewhat ... and I think it questions 12 and 13 (which offered up "polarized" groups as options for support) would have been MUCH better as a "scale" question with those options on opposite ends of a 7-point line. Oh, well, in general it came pretty close to "reading me" ... Bush and Badnarik up top, and the total psychos at the bottom.

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