BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Kerry's "Owners"

You would think that a gigolo in the bracket John Kerry operates wouldn't need foreign sugar daddies, but it looks like he has them anyway ... we all know that the damnable Klinton regime was being run by "their investors" in Beijing, but who has deep enough pockets to buy the allegiances of Kerry? It looks like it's the Islamicist Mullahs ... yep, just as Kerry was a stooge for the communists in his youth, he's now in the pockets of our current enemies ... amazing that supporting the foes of America is ONLY thing this bastard doesn't flip-flop on!

Read this one ... Just naive, or breathtakingly stupid? ... and shake your head over the sad realization that the Democratic Party has sunk so low that open traitors are all they are able to come up with to run for the highest office in the land!

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