BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Finally DSL ...

Well, I have DSL on one of MY computers now ... as I suspected, when I moved the new computer back into my office it couldn't find the wireless signal, but since the DSL line originates in here (there is about 50' of phone cable going to the wireless box), I just hooked it up with a USB connector. I still haven't made the switch between my old system (which has all the programs I use all configured the way I like them and all the files I use where I know I can find them) to the new system, I now have both of them in here.

I still hope to coax my laptop into getting the DSL wireless signal ... but the little USB antenna I bought for it does not seem to be "playing well" with either the computer or the wireless signal. That could be a residual issue from how Chubb had those configured (it's set up for their internal T1 network), plus having both W2kPro and W98 on it ... and I don't have a clue as to how to strip that down to just the W2k part (the W98 mode was for taking tests ... it gave us access to their on-line research materials, but in a stripped down form where we couldn't do searches, etc.). Too bad I don't have the disks for any of that stuff.

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