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More Pokemon/eBay blather ...

Yeah, I know ... only topi reads these things (he thinks I should collect these missives into a book ... dunno why!).

Anyway, I had a very "productive" 24 hours of eBay, getting somewhere around "$300 worth of cards" ("worth" being a very slippery concept here, perhaps saying "cards that would have cost me at least $300 to buy on the web" would be more accurate) for Daughter #1's collection for little more than what going out to lunch would have cost me. I do love a deal!

The three auctions I won, for 3, 64, and 25 reverse-holofolil cards, each surprised me. The first had one bid (for just the opening bid it turns out), and I came in with something that was "rounded out" to an even dollar amount given the shipping, and ended up winning that for a nickle more than the open. Perhaps this got little action due to not specifically listing the cards, but I could tell from the picture that they'd be "at least $2 each", so winning them (including shipping) for under a buck was fine.

The second was for 64 reverse-holo cards from a particular set (out of which we "needed" 47) ... I almost didn't bid on this because I much prefer picking up the well-under-a-buck auctions, but I guess that was holding other folks off too ... there had been some action on it, but primarily the day before ... the high bid had stood firm for 22 hours before I got in. I figured out what the "retail" would be (using my low reference site's pricing) and applied my 1/7th rule, coming up with a total I could live with (including shipping). I put the bid in with about 2-3 minutes to go and waited, and waited, and was shocked when I won unchallenged. My bid was 25% above the existing high bid, but since there were no last minute up-bids, I got that for about 20% less than I was willing to budget for it ... sweet!

The third one really confused me, since there were no bids on it ... the auction was 25 reverse-holofoil cards from another set, but unspecified cards ... since the minimum "retail" on these is $2.00 each (ranging up to about $10), the cards were "worth" at least $50 and probably more like $80 (given typical rare-uncommon-common card distributon in these auctions), and it just so happens that the minimum bid with shipping came in well under 1/7th of that. I put in my bid with 2-3 minutes to go and ended up getting it for the minimum!

Now, oddly enough ... what got me musing enough to blabbler on like this was NOT these "fabulous wins", but a couple of auctions that I was watching but did not end up bidding on. As folks who may have bothered to plow through these admittedly obscure posts will no doubt recall, I have a problem with folks who use bots "to do their bidding" on eBay. I was watching two auctions, one each for a full sealed box of the most recent two Pokemon sets. I do like getting the actual sealed packs now and again for Daughter #1, as there is "fun" in finding what's inside them (heck, we opened up a pack of the Dragon set that came with something else today and got an "ex" hologram card in it that was listed as costing $15.00 on the "low" site, $19.99 on the "medium" site, and a whopping $50.00 on the "high" [what they must be to quote those prices] site).

Anyway, I was watching these as they were hovering at a "reasonable price" per pack, and I was thinking if they were still low when they closed, I might jump in. Well ... on one of these, after being stuck on only 2 bids (and a low total) for a couple of days, there was a bit of a flurry of bids this morning ... others were obviously "probing" that top bid, which turned out to be fairly high, with a couple of bidders trying to find the "ceiling". Finally one gal did get a higher bid in (a lucky guess at six cents over the previous high), and it looked like the auction was going to go to her (the price had long since eclipsed MY target zone at this point). However, there were obviously "bot people" looking at this too, as there were FOUR bids in quick succession, right before the close. The auction ended at 16:12:15 and the last three bids came in at 16:11:52, 16:12:08, and 16:12:13 ... the winning bid coming in with TWO SECONDS left on the clock .... I wonder how frustrated the "bot people" are when they're beat out by another bot?

Needless to say, I hate it when I get beat out by somebody who's sleeping ... but it's almost funny to see the damn bots fighting each other and insanely escalating the price within the last minute of so of an auction. Both of those auctions ended up being won by bots within the last fifteen seconds of the auction, so if a real human had been trying to win, they'd likely to have been shit out of luck.

Yeah, I know ... I'm even boring myself at this point, so I'll stop ... just had musings to exude here. I won't know precisely "how I did" on today's haul until I see the mix of cards that comes in, but even at the low end, I'm exactly at 1/7th, and I'm thinking the odds are pretty good that I ended up getting these "ten cents on the dollar". Go me!

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