BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Horto in Urbs?

The official Chicago city motto is Urbs in Horto, or "City in a Garden" ... well, here's a pic from in the neighborhood which might argue it the other way around. This is a shot of the outdoor cafe area of Biggs restaurant ... which went out of business mid-summer, leaving things to sort of "go to seed". Obviously, in this case the seed in question was of the tomato variety, which had at some point spilled down to lodge in the seam between the sidewalk and the curb ...


A rather enthusiastic tomato plant grew up there through the latter half of the summer, using the planter railing for support, and is still producing tomatoes this late into the season. I don't think that any ever had a chance to reach an edible ripeness, however, as my younger daughter (and, I assume, other urban scavengers), could never resist going by this without grabbing one or more unripe fruits.

I was headed over to the El the other day and figured I'd snap a couple of pics ... after all, this "ain't the kind of thing you see every day" and I figured I'd record it for posterity, and share it with you all!

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