BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

The election is getting to me ... and others

OK ... so I've been busy ... doing a new business start-up is a hell of a lot of work. This has, to a certain extent, isolated me from the worst of the campaign (I hate to think how mad I'd be if I had time to watch the news), although I certainly have been following it on the web, via LJ, and through the assorted e-mail updates I get daily from various quarters.

However, I ran into a Kerry supporter handing out flyers on the street yesterday, and I nearly burst a blood vessel. The amount of naked rage I felt at that moment encountering somebody who was either SO oblivious to the vileness of John Kerry and the Democratic Party that they were spending their time trying to spread the disease, or so vile themselves that they had no care about the sort of hideous destruction they were helping to bring down upon us in the form of a potential Kerry administration, that it was all I could do to simply rip up the offending flyer and go on about my business.

Now, I am an angry guy. Most days I'm on "high simmer" and it doesn't take much to bump me up to "full boil" ... but I typically know that I'm in that sort of mood and can take steps to avoid most sources of additional irritation. Yesterday, though, was a surprise, going from "I'm going to drop off this film at Walgreens" to "I want to rip out this person's heart and stuff it down their throat" in about 2 seconds. I guess years of managing rage helped out there.

Anyway, the point of this being that I can't believe that anybody would see John Kerry as a better choice than George Bush ... not that Bush is a Presidential ideal (it too me a LONG time to warm up to him after the sweet taste of not having Clinton/Gore around had faded). Kerry is a TRAITOR, by the letter of the Constitution he should not even be able to hold public office, let alone run for President (hell, in a "more perfect world" he'd have been executed back in the 70's!), and he and the whole damn Democratic party have not met a LIE yet that they will not shamelessly spew as "their truth". To add to this, the current election cycle has shown that most of the Major Media are nothing but willing lackeys of the hard-left, with scum-suckers like CBS and the NYT going with stories that even the slightest fact-checking would have shown as totally false. Unfortunately, it's become a Michael Moore world ... one where it doesn't matter how blatant a lie is, if there's a chance it will advance the Left's grab for power, it's serving some higher purpose than truth!

The reason for my making this post (you thought I was just ranting?) was to direct your attention to another L.J., where my friend Yael Dragwyla is likewise at the end of her ability to deal with the looking-glass political environment and has composed "a letter to God" asking him the "why" question ... it raises a lot of good points, and I recommend you all go read it (and add her to your Friends Lists while you're at it):
An open letter to God concerning the 2004 US elections

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