BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Baseball ...

Well, congrats to Boston ... now Chicago has the corner on the market in baseball futility with both the disposable White Sox (last won the Series in 1917) and my beloved Cubs (last won the series in 1908) putting together the most miserable of streaks. The Red Sox used to be tossed in with the White Sox (I think their previous Series win was in 1918), but this re-sets the clock, so nobody is longer-suffering in the Baseball world than us Chicagoans. Go us.

Oh, and speaking as a long-time Cubs fan ... it was particularly sweet that Boston rolled over the much-despised Cardinals on the way to their victory ... after St. Louis charged into an early wide lead in our division (and put together that spiffy record this year), it must have been quite irritating to all those red-clad yahoos who invade our city a few times a year to have their team get swept!

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