BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Woot ...

Ah, yes ... more Pokemon stuff that you don't give a rats' ass about!

Last night I was doing a "let's see if there're any deals to be had" surf through my eBay "Pokemon Search", and after pages and pages of cards with close-to-retail opening bids I hit a doozy ... a card dealer (specializing in sports cards) was moving their kids' Pokemon collection ... the boys were older, didn't much care about the cards any more. This dealer had pulled out "100+ Foil Cards" (I'm assuming that's primarily reverse-holo cards and not the typically more valuable regular holos), and put them in one lot (looking at their other auctions, they then split the rest of the cards into various other lots).

Now, these cards "retail" anywhere from $2 each (for "common" R/H cards) on up to insane amounts for particularly rare holographic cards. The ballpark, though, is likely to be in the two to ten dollar range per card (maybe an over-all average given "rarity" distribution, of around $4 a card). I ended up, with shipping, getting these for under 25¢ each! That's well under my "1/7th of retail" target even if all the cards are "commons", so I'm pretty happy (and I'm sure that Daughter #1 is going to be floored to see these come in!).

I was, frankly, a bit surprised that I won this, and especially that I won it for "so little" (yeah, I'm aware that spending $24.57 on a bunch of pieces of printed cardboard is insane on a lot of levels). As I said, I ran into this late in the evening, with it closing around 10am local time. Since I was not planning on staying up all night, I opted to put a fairly hefty bid in (twice what the high was at that point), and toddled off to bed. As I expected, when I got up, there had been a flurry of bids. Well, actually, there had been two entities bidding, one bot which had obvioiusly been set with a maximum under my bid (it had shot out a stream of +$2 bids within 15 seconds of another somewhere around 1am) and then some gal coming in a few bucks up from me at 7am. As the auction was going to end while I was still out (at Daughter #1's "Fall Assembly"), I first made an "exploratory bid" which was the new high bid, but not by much, and then up-bid that to my "maximum comfort level" for this (if I won for that, each card would have cost me 30¢, so I wasn't going too far out on a limb). As it turned out, nobody bid again in the remaining 45 or so minutes, so I got all "100+" cards for only 50¢ more than the gal I'd out-bid.

The reason I was surprised is that typically auctions like this get snapped up by other eBay card dealers ... I've regularly been out-bid by 3 or 4 of these folks from whom I frequently get cards. I wonder where they were last night? Not that I'm complaining, of course, but I was rather expecting to have one of these dealers sweep in, grab the "pig in a poke" of holo cards, and promptly be re-selling them!

Speaking of selling on eBay ... I finally got "PayPal verified" and am one step closer to actually setting up for selling. As those who have (for what ever inexplicable reason that would be) been taking notes, you'll recall that I bought a large lot of the "EX Tins" a while back (for about 10¢ on the dollar) and was planning on selling most of those off (Daughter #1 was aghast at the concept that I might sell all of them off, wanting to get into the packs of cards included in the tins!) once I got set up for selling. I'm also planning on unloading some of the thousands of common and uncommon cards we've acquired over the years 36 at a time (two sides of two 9-card filing sheets). The economics of these look real sweet, I just haven't had the time to deal with this given all the other stuff I've been needing to get done for our REAL business!

Anyway ... you don't care ... I know you don't care ... I just like writing about something good happening from time to time, and recently most of that has been in the form of "oooh .... lookie at the deal I just got!" posts.

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