BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Something needs to be done ...

I saw a post this morning by justgoto about how in several counties in Ohio the number of registered voters exceeded the population ... AND that a judge there has blocked any challenges to those registrations!

In all the stink over Florida in 2000 the wide-spread abuses of the Gore campaign got swept under the rug ... for instance that there were parts of Philadelphia where the counted votes for Gore likewise exceeded the population (including children and other non-voters), let alone the registration base. In major city after major city there were busloads of "voters" being dragged around from polling place to polling place, where they were "conveniently" registered, some dozens of times.

It looks like the Kerry campaign figured that if Gore didn't get called on the voter fraud (Bush took the high road after the election and went for "healing" instead of "revenge"), they'd go all out to fraudulently pad registrations. Of course the god-damned Democrats wail "voter disenfranchisement" when one of their voters gets challenged ... even if that "voter" is "registered with phony addresses all over the city.

Needless to say, I hope Bush wins by a substantial margin (he's still up by 10% on the AOL Poll ... 55% to 45%) and will let the Justice Department take a long hard look at the voter fraud the Democrats have been committing. There are probably tens of thousands of Democratic political operatives who could be sent to prison over this ... but, hell, if that treasonous motherfucker John Kerry is a free (and breathing) man, what use are LAWS?

As a Libertarian, I don't LIKE the idea of a national ID card ... but it might be the only way to keep the damnable scum on the Left from running their election scams ... although at this point I'd prefer to simply have them shot in the street like the dogs they are.

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