BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Kerry's treason starting to surface?

This story is rolling ... needless to say, I doubt it will be enough to force that lying motherfucker Kerry to finally sign those release papers, but I sure hope enough people see it to know what a sack of shit they might be voting for.

People forget that back in 1978, Jimmy Carter set up an "amnesty" for all draft dodgers, deserters, etc., who had issues with the VietNam war. It was in this "amnesty" that Kerry got an "honorable" discharge ... long after he left the Navy. What had his discharge been up to that point? The paper trail points to a discharged based on "collaborating with the Viet Cong" ... supporting THE ENEMY ... being A TRAITOR. If it wasn't for Carter (champion of the "MEoW" foreign policy) letting him off the hook, Kerry could have never legitimately held public office.

To all those considering voting for Kerry ... how can you look at yourself in the mirror and not see a vacant TOOL for an on-going anti-American conspiracy? How could voting for George Bush (or voting for Michael Badnarik, or Nader, or simply not voting) be any WORSE than throwing behind a man who is on a par with Osama BinLaden as far as his love for our country? Every vote for John Kerry is a stake driven into the heart of America ... a thought that would be gleefully held by the likes of Michael Moore, Move-On, A.N.S.W.E.R., Al-Queda, CBS, and the like! Do you hate America? Do you ache to reach out and destroy what this country stands for? A vote for John Kerry is exactly that ... it's waking across that "line in the sand" to say you're standing with those who would destroy us.

While I've come to grudgingly respect George Bush, I've not been a rabid fan of his for many reasons ... however, I can not see ANYTHING the man has done or proposed that is worthy of making a voter turn traitor. Bush might not be "the ideal President", but he's sure as hell the best man for the job that's currently in the running.

PLEASE, look deep inside your innermost self before voting. Do you love America? Do you value what our country stands for? Are whatever peripheral issues you might disagree with Bush on WORTH destroying what we have here? A vote for John Kerry is a vote for national suicide. The line is there ... which side are you going to be standing on? One side values the U.S.A., values what we are as a nation, values how we differ from the rest of the world, and the other hates those things and yearns to tear them down. It's a clear choice. Don't be on the wrong side!

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