BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

What an exhausting weekend ...

Point #1 ... The Wife managed to weasel out of ALL planned Halloween activities, leaving me to keep The Girls amused and on schedule. This was NOT the plan ... at least it was not the plan that I had been let in on!

Friday, Daughter #1 had a half day, which involved going to school in costume, and having a lot of Halloween activities. #1 was dressed as a "Vampire Queen" (or, as I joked ... "The Queen of the Darned"). I got her home at about 12:30 and had her hang out. We would have normally been going up to Dojo for their classes, but Daughter #2's daycare had their Halloween party starting at 3pm, so we would have had to drag her away from the party (in costume) to go up to Dojo, change them into their karate uniform, do class, and then change them back into costume for the Dojo Halloween party, which was starting at 6:30. So, instead we waited until about 5pm to pick up #2, bringing the pasta dish I'd done for the buffet, and just heading up for the party.

Their Dojo (the Degerberg Academy) does Halloween up in a big way ... gradually adding more and more stuff for about a month until it looks like a professional haunted house. Last year they tried combining the kids' and adults' parties and it really didn't work too well, and this year they were on different nights ... the kids' party was amazing, as they had to easily have had 100 kids there. The Wife, who had initially told The Girls that she'd come to the party, begged off at the last minute, promising that she'd be along for the rest of the weekend.

Well, on Saturday The Girls and I ran back up to Dojo for their classes (we typically go two days out of Friday, Saturday, or Monday) and then headed back downtown to get changed and head back out to the party that was being hosted by the parents of one of #2's classmates. I had planned to just bring the costume stuff up with us to Dojo and then go to the party, as it was "on the way back" (via the Brown Line), but The Wife complained about having to drag the costume stuff up to Dojo and then drag the Dojo stuff to the party, so had convinced us to come all the way back home, get changed, and then head back out to the party. She got out of going up to Dojo with us as the groceries hadn't come yet when we had to leave, but then made excuses about going to the party. As it ended up we were an hour late due to the doubled-up transportation time ... if she'd just let me do what I'd planned that wouldn't have happened. I was so exhausted by the end of that party that we actually took a cab home (I really hate spending $15.00 on a cab when I can get home for $1.50 on the subway!) instead of walking a mile and then up and down stairs for the El. I feel like such a wimp when that happens, but it was cold and windy and The Girls were dragging too.

Today we were supposed to go over to some of #1's friends place for trick-or-treading ... unfortunately, nobody had told us the TIME we were supposed to get there, and I only got through to somebody there on the third try, which was just when they were going to head out. We jumped The Girls into their costumes and I ran them up there. We did the trick-or-treating thing all through their community up there (it's one of those things with townhouses all around a central plaza/drive) and then hung out at #1's friends' place for a while. We headed home about 8pm, but The Girls were upset that it didn't look like we were going to trick-or-treat OUR building ... as the schedule initially ended at 8 ... but when we got here the front desk told us it was going till 9, so we dropped off the loot from phase one and then hit the elevators. Our building has 660 units (over 52 floors) and folks have to sign up in advance if they want to have trick-or-treaters ... this year there were a few dozen apartments on the list. Another couple of kids from #1's school who live in the building had also just gotten in from a party, and we ran into each other on one of the top floors, and went as a group the rest of the way down. Predictably, The Wife had just put a basket of treats outside our door so she wouldn't have to be bothered to deal with any trick-or-treaters. I don't know if there were significantly less apartments doing treats compared to earlier years, but we managed to do the whole list in less than 45 minutes ... it seems to me that we previously had problems making it through the whole building without small person fatigue.

Anyway ... I've had quite enough of Halloween this weekend. Fortunately, I wasn't as exhausted tonight as I was on the previous two and was able to enjoy 3/4 of the Bears game (their second win of the year), plus getting in a couple of end-of-the-month orders on-line that I'd been letting slide. I'm now torn between getting some mindless surfing done or going to bed early. One would think that the latter would appeal, but every time I get "a full nights sleep" I'm depressed, cranky, and moody ... I'm much more efficient on sleep dep and stimulants! I'd probably kill myself if I slept 8-10 hours a day every day ... it's amazing how predictably down I am given that much rest.

Anyway ... there you have a nice mundane post with no politics and no eBay/Pokemon updates ... how rare is that?

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