BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Exhausted ...

Just got done painting one of the bathrooms. Were having one of Daughter #2's teachers staying with The Girls for a couple of days while we go to a conference (for the new business) and The Wife is going nuts trying to make the house look reasonably presentable ... which involved me and paint today.

(sigh) ... I really really wish George Bush was leading by 30% ... I could not care and vote Badnarik ... but I am TOTALLY convinced that if Kerry wins this election the United States is finished. Kerry represents the absolute worst of the pandering Left, and to let that traitorous motherfucker appoint a dogcatcher would be a shame, let alone a handful of Supreme Court Justices. Not only will Kerry (if he wins) only win by using lawyers to steal the fucking election (they tried it last time, but this time they have Ambulance Chaser Supreme, John Edwards, on the ticket). I am ready to seceed. I am ready to take up arms to fight against the raging lunacy of the Left. The madness has gone too far. The Left must be stopped before we're all vassals of an Islamo-fascist France (or whatever, you get the drift). I am almost 100% set on getting myself and my family dual citizenship in New Utopia if Kerry wins. A country that elects an Enemy of the State to the highest office in the land is not the sort of place I want to be. To hell with the Left ... I damn them to the darkest currents their karma can return upon them. I do not want to have anything to do with people so god-damned stupid to buy the lies and willingly walk into the grave because 50+ years of gradual Leftist encroachment in education, the media, and the arts makes them think "it's the smart thing to do". They are sheep and deserve to die hideously. I am not a sheep. I will NOT submit to their insanity. I will fight them to my last breath.

If you have any self-respect ... if you have ANY love for your country ... vote for George Bush tomorrow. If you can not vote for Bush for any reason, please DO NOT VOTE FOR JOHN KERRY ... vote for Badnarik, vote for Nader, vote for whatever drooling loon the Green Party is running ... but do NOT vote for John Kerry. If that man wins, it is the start of a new Dark Ages that mankind may not be able to escape from for millennia!

I am ready to fight and die. Damn the fucking Leftists to whatever Hell there may be.

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