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I voted ...

ballotrec1I don't believe that I've ever missed voting in a general election since I turned 18 ... I may have, in college, missed a primary or two (being away and not having gotten an absentee ballot), but I've pretty much voted in all of those as well. I really don't understand why folks don't vote, if only to be able to voice one's opinion (and have a legitimate basis for future griping). The only downside I see is that it gets you on the Jury Duty lists.

Voting here is a real no-brainer. Our building is a precinct in and of itself, so the polling place is in the lobby and it's just folks who live here voting. It was similar when I lived with my Mom ... except they were the polling place for that end of the block as well. It's really hard to come up with excuses to not vote when one can do it in one's pajamas (OK, so I did get dressed to go downstairs). I was relieved to see that we had the traditional (for Chicago) "butterfly ballot" system (you know, that one that the idiots down in Florida couldn't figure out) that's been used for years (since they retired the old click-click-click-CHUNK mechanical voting booths). I was worried that we were going to have some newfangled touch-screen gizmos to deal with ... I guess those are OK if you've got a handful of candidates, but we had that brain-numbing Judicial Retention section on the ballot, and that's a lot of punching (I'm a bad boy when it comes to that, I vote "no" for all the judges, assuming that the party hacks will vote "yes" for all the judges, and hoping that my "no" vote will help the "no" votes of those who actually have an informed opinion on which judges need to go!).

Needless to say, I continued my streak of never voting for a Democrat for any office higher than Mayor of Chicago. Like the Iraqi blogger in the previous post said "Do you really want to give satisfaction to the be-headers, kidnappers and child murderers; and the perpetrators of 9/11? Do you want to hear their savage shouts of victory?" ... Kerry (who has proved himself an enemy of America) is beloved of all those who wish us ill. No matter what you may think of Bush, he's NOT on the terror team ... Kerry is. There is a line in the sand in this election ... there are those who love our country and those who hate us, wish to destroy us, and would see us subjugated or dead. In case you've not been taking notes, a vote for Bush is a vote FOR America, and a vote for Kerry is a vote for our enemies. It's very simple. Please go do the right thing today ... vote FOR America, even if you have to vote for Bush to do so!

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