BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Oh, come on, the fat lady has SUNG already! ... from Drudge (update #8)

Why the hell won't they call Ohio?
04map08Ohio -
98 percent precincts reporting

George W. Bush:       51%      2,736,850
John Kerry:                48%      2,599,244

Why won't anybody but Fox and Drudge call Ohio? Kerry's been down 130,000 votes all night, and the margin's only getting wider! Are the goddamned Leftist Media trying to buy time to have John Edwards and an army of ambulance chasers descend on Columbus to try to do in 2004 what they tried to do in Florida in 2000?

As somebody opined on NRO's "The Corner": Isn't there a single responsible adult in the entire Democratic Party? Somebody who could suggest a graceful end to this charade?"

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