BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

further update ...

Heck the Chicago Tribune has 99% of Ohio's votes counted and a wider margin ... with only 1% outstanding, Bush leads by over 144,000 votes ... the ONLY reason that the MSM scumbags are holding out Ohio has to be setting up a last-ditch chance to try to run it into the courts.

Hell, Pennsylvania (which all the MSM bastards gave to Kerry hours ago) is CLOSER THAN OHIO!!! Bush trails in PA by only about 80,000 votes (2%), but everybody says it's a Kerry win, while Bush's 3% lead at almost twice the votes in Ohio is still "too close to call"? Tell me this isn't more CBS-like dirty tricks!

By the way, the Trib also reports that New Mexico has over 100% reporting (103% ... I don't know how that works, absentee ballots or something?) and Bush leads there by five percent (52% to 47% for Kerry), why hasn't that one been called?

I can see why Iowa and Wisconsin are still up in the air (both of those are dead heats, only a few thousand votes apart each), but COME ON ... Ohio was in the Bush column hours ago, and what's going to change in New Mexico if everything's counted? Damn the Democrats and their slease-ball lawyers!

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