BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

I swear ...

If the god-damned Leftist Main-Stream Media eanbles the moherfucking scumbag ambulance chasers from the Kerry/Edwards campaign to somehow flip Ohio, there will be BLOOD IN THE STREETS.

The MSM called Pennsylvania for Kerry somewhere around 10pm central time last night. At the time there was no "conclusive count" it was how the numbers were trending, the margin being somewhere near 100,000. Was there a peep out of the Bush camp? No.

At the same time Ohio was similarly trending towards Bush, with the margin being, all night long, somewhere around 130,000 votes ... but the MSM still says that Ohio is too close to call. What's the difference? Just ONE ... PA was trending towards Kerry and OH was trending towards Bush. So they held off and they held off and they still are holding off ... saying it's "too close to call".
OHIO - 100 percent precincts reporting
          George W. Bush:       51%      2,794,346
          John Kerry:                49%      2,658,125
Bush margin: 136,221 --- STILL NOT CALLED!!!

PENNSYLVANIA - 99 percent precincts reporting
          George W. Bush:       49%      2,746,856
          John Kerry:                51%      2,868,674
Kerry margin: 121,818 --- CALLED ABOUT 10PM!

Why, you might ask is Pennsylvania not "too close to call"? Since Bush's lead in Ohio is BIGGER than Kerry's lead in Pennsylvania ... why isn't that seen as a "toss up"? Gee ... could it be because the Bush campaign did not have a legal strike force sitting in airports (thousands, literally thousands of sleaze-bag zero-ethics lawyers sitting around just waiting to litigate away a Bush win) ready to ship off to some close state. THE ONLY REASON THAT OHIO IS "UNDECIDED" AND PENNSYLVANIA IS A "KERRY WIN" IS THAT THE MAIN-STREAM LEFTIST MEDIA IS TRYING TO GIVE THE K/E CAMPAIGN A LAST-DITCH TRY TO MAKE UP A 100,000+ VOTE MARGIN WITH THE LAWYERS.

Every one of those bastards should be shot ... the Leftist Media, the scumbag Lawyers, the cheating Democratic Operatives ... they should be shot in the streets and left to rot where they fall.

If Ohio was anywhere NEAR a Kerry win, the MSM would have called it for them early on ... what a fucking scam! If the general election numbers were the other way around the MSM would have been in full-celebration mode all night ... heck, they'd probably have called a victory before midnight eastern ... but noooooooo ... they're no longer about reporting the news, they're part of twisting information to fit Leftist ends ... Dan Rather & Co. are no better than Michael Moore, sick, depraved, evil stooges of a destructive ideology. I hope they all burn in whatever Hell there might be, and I hope they're helped along to that end faster than they wish or expect!

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