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I was, frankly, quite surprised to see the Drudge headline about Kerry calling to concede the election. The hubris, the blind naked lust for power of the Leftist Democrats, I thought would surely drag this into a constitutional crisis. However, earlier this morning I saw a report on NRO's "The Corner" that the early looks at the Ohio "provisional ballots" showed them breaking 2/3rds for Bush ... since the officlal number of these weren't enough anyway to over-turn Bush's 130,000+ lead (even if every single provisional ballot was for Kerry), I guess the handwriting must have been on the wall.

I have been, needless to say, livid over the way this whole election has gone in terms of the Media. There have been mountains of dirt on Kerry (a fraction of which would have sunk ANY Republican candidate) that the Press simply chose to ignore. The CBS fiasco was simply the most blatant example of this, but it was pervasive, from AP "reporters" spinning out total fabrications of events they were covering to the total unwillingness of ANY major outlet to call Kerry on his non-release of his military records (which, it appears, would show that he was initially given a dishonorable discharge due to his collaboration with the Viet Cong ... an offence that was only wiped away by Carter's amnesty directive). Last night's discrepancy between the non-call of Ohio and the early call of Pennsylvania simply drove me over the edge. What I was seeing was a blatant coup d'etat attempt by the Democratic party, aided and abetted by their lackeys in the Media. After all, the more Florida 2000 is analyzed, the clearer it becomes that the state was honestly won by Bush (despite the Media's successful ploy to depress vote counts in the largely-Republican "panhandle", where polls were open well past the state being "called" for Gore!), and the whole debacle was brought on by Gore's operatives (with the eager participation of the Press) to create a scandal where there was none, just because it was "close enough to steal".

Since the "Gore strategy" nearly worked in 2000, the DNC was primed and ready to implement it again this year ... their "Delta Force" of sleazy lawyers sitting in airports, ready to sweep in on any "weak state". What started as the desperation of one campaign looked to be the new POLICY of an entire major Party ... exposed in leaked handbooks on how to stir up controversy "even when none existed". This is NOT what American politics is supposed to be about ... but the Left has so twisted everything that our world sometimes looks like a trip through the looking glass.

A Kerry victory would have been a victory for the madness, for the pandering, for the P.C. idiocy the Left so fervently encourages. A Kerry victory would also have been a crippling blow to the United States as an independent entity ... we would be bowing to the idea of U.N. rule, French approval of our policies, and destruction of our rights at the hands of kangaroo courts around the world. A Kerry victory would also have been, as I quoted an Iraqi blogger saying, a victory for America's enemies ... they would have seen it as our caving in to their threats, running away from the fight. A Kerry victory would additionally have been a disaster in the long-term for America by stacking the Supreme Court with "legislate from the bench" social tinkerers ... while many of you fear the possibilities of a "W Court" better to have confirmable constitutional conservatives (the "Christian Soldiers" would never make it through) than to have the types of yahoos that Kerry would have appointed (imagine the horrors of having the Supreme Court look like the 9th Circuit Court in California!).

Now, to those of you just joining this little rant-fest, you will likely be surprised to find that I'm not a huge Bush fan. While I have come to trust his "moral compass" over the past four years, I still am unsettled by many things about the man and his politics (as long-time readers of this space know, I'm farily "anti-Christian", in various Pagan/Occult lineages, and of a strong Libertarian bent). However, the direction that GWB is taking this country, while by no means ideal, is far, far better than the other available options. Would I prefer to have Ron Paul running the country? You betcha! Will I settle for Bush? For the moment.

Frankly, my first thought after seeing the headline about Kerry's concession was "now it's time to start reigning in Bush" ... working for more Libertarian visibility (I was disappointed in the Party's showing this time, but I can hardly squawk, having voted for Bush rather than Badnarik, and I assume there were a LOT of people "not wasting their vote" this time around who might, in a less contentious election, have been eagerly voting Libertarian), and finding ways of "containing" the Taliban-esque qualiteis of the Xtian Right. I do admit, though, to certain "neo-con" leanings where the concept of an "American Empire" is not unappealing.

Anyway, thought I'd recap things from my end. I look forward to them finally turning IA and NM red (interestingly Fox still has WI "in play", although Kerry has a 13k lead ... maybe that's just tit-for-tat for the rest of the media not calling IA for Bush ... this is very similar to the OH/PA situation, as Bush has a bigger lead in "undecided" Iowa than Kerry does in "called" Wisconsin!) to have a nice tidy election map ... a good healthy red "heartland" only marred by the blue necrosis creeping in on the Left Coast, the Rust Belt, and the Liberal Northeast!

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