BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Another boring old Pokemon/eBay post ...

Yeah, I promised you I'd go back to Pokemon/eBay and quizzes just so y'all stop thinking I'm Pat Buchanan in disguise!

I have an update ... that "100+ Foil Cards" lot (which ended up having 119 cards in it) that I talked about last week (before all that election stuff made people really not want to read me) ... well, it came in yesterday, and I cataloged what was in it. As I may have noted, it was a bit of a "pig in a poke" and it did turn out to be a bit of a mixed bag ... most of the cards had "play wear", some of the cards were "mint", and a few of the cards were mangled. I also didn't know what cards they'd be (they ended up being from seven different sets), or what we had of them. As it turned out, we "needed" about 51 of them, of which about 4 were "bad" enough to be annoted "have/bad" on our list. The total "retail", were they in fresh-from-the-pack condition, would have been $585.00 ... but given the over-all condition of the cards, I'm guessing a "street" value of two to three hundred bucks ... not bad for having spent $24.57 to get them, especialy considering that one of the cards (which was duplicate of one we already have, so is destined for the "trading binder") was "worth" more than that (according to my "low reference" site) ... and one card that we didn't have was listed as high as $79.99 (on the "high site")! Not bad at all.

I've been saving up these recent "big hauls" and will be surprising Daughter #1 with them (about 200 holos and reverse holos) as part of her birthday ... she's just now getting into doing more aggressive trading, and this latest bunch is sure going to give her a lot to work with!

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