BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

SLEEP? What the heck is my body DOING?

Whoah ... O.K., so the ISP was screwing me over with the mail and access on stuff, etc., so I was umable to get a lot of stuff done last night ... plus it was one of those fall-asleep-while-the-image-loads kinds of nights ... so I said "fuck it" and crawled off to bed at 1:30am ... which is WAY early for me. Well, excepting a few wake-ups due to the girls jumping on the bed, etc., I ended up sleeping for 10 hours! That's easily 2 days worth (sometimes 3) for me! Then, after we got back from various activities (mostly all afternoon at the Chicago Children's Museum) I sit down in the living room and prompty crash for another 3 hours! I don't get it. Oh, well ... as long as I can still sleep on the bus on Monday on my way up to northern Michigan to reclaim the books from Access, I won't complain.

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