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I ended up crashing early last night ... I'd spent most of the day painting (we're "sprucing up the place") and was pretty beat. So, I get back on my computer this morning and am surprised to find a hundred plus e-mails in my main box (my Outlook Express inbox, which sweeps four e-mail accounts, and so gets four times the spam). It's not unusual that over a 24-hour period I might have 100 messages in there (running about 10-90 mail to spam) but over-night this was unusual. Frankly, most of the "real mail" I get in there is the updates from L.J., and so I discover that the flood of messages orginated from a dust-up that happened last night in the comments to one of my "angry rant" posts from election night.

Now, my Dad died when I was 2 years old and my Mom raised us by herself, with the help of a housekeeper when we were small. As such, I never was exposed to the "parents fighting" thing, which I take can be quite traumatic. I think, after reading through all that from overnight, I have an emotional window to what a kid feels when their folks are screaming at each other, as the principals of this dust-up were two of my dearest and longest-known on-line friends, and they were staging WW3 over things which ended up being only peripherally about me (and the post where it happened). YIKES!

Needless to say, the emotional tone of those "angry rants" appears to have acted as a trigger for a lot of reaction. I've addressed this previously, but I guess I'm going to re-frame this all again.

Note, none of the following has anyting directly to do with the dust-up in the comments last night, it's only my re-visiting my "emotional space" in making the various "angry rants" posted on election night and before, somewhat in "taking ownership" of their various waves of effect.

While I'm currently a Libertarian ("card carrying" and all), I've been pretty much a life-long Republican, and I self-identify as a conservative. Of course, most Conservatives would have a hard time fitting me into their world model, as I follow a Pagan/Occult path, and have rather extreme libertarian views of personal ownership which relate to the "sex, drugs & rocknroll" modalities so alien to the cliche "conservative" stance. I had my "Republican awakening" in the 1972, when Richard Nixon won re-election ... I was 15 at the time, but I realized that what the McGovernites were selling was bogus ... Nixon was ending the war that the Democrats had started but then refused to win, and, personally, I was happy about Nixon pulling the plug on the draft before I was likely to get an all-expense-paid vacation to S.E. Asia.

I realize that most liberals/Leftists feel she's the devil incarnate, but I really encourage people to read Ann Coulter's Slander and Treason, the first being a look at how the Media typically reports through a hard-Left filter, and the latter being about the long-time anti-American bias within large chunks of the Democratic Party (which at this point looks like about 90%).

There are two groups that I'm very likely to go off on a foam-at-the-mouth rant over, one is Leftists (for reasons very much like those outlined in Coulter's books), and the other is Christians. Both of these stem from the same "core wound", that I absolutely hate being lied to ... and especially if it's a "big lie", a whole world-view based on a lie. While I came to understand that what the likes of McGovern (and his further-left "fellow travellers" like John Kerry) were spewing was one LIE, a whole fantasy world of feel-good platitudes that in every locality which had the dire misfortune of experiencing it in a real-world setting expressed itself as the worst sort tyrrany. But it sounded so pretty as a theory, that generation after generation bought into the Leftist spiel. Needless to say, Christianity has a similar pattern. I did not have my "anit-Chrisitan awakening" until I was a Religion major in college, and was able to see what a "Frankenstein's Monster" of borrowed bits the Christian religion is, but when I saw it for what it IS, the monstrosity of the LIE which underlies Chrstianity drove me nearly mad. Frankly, most religions are like perverted pearls, where one tiny grain of truth is layed over and over with lies, fantasies, and organizational structures which have nothing to do with the initial truth, and ane typically 180° in opposition to it.

Anyway, because of this, in cultural matters, I tend to be very antagonisitc to Christianity (well, religion in general), but in political matters I tend to be extremely defensive against what I see as attacks by the Left.

It is unfortunate, but over the past 4 years, the debacle in Florida has been painted (by the Left and their Media lackeys) as being "stolen by Bush", where every level-headed analysis of the situation showed that Bush had won fairly (if by a slim margin) and the Gore campaign had rushed in, demanding extensive recounts in a select handful of heavily-Democratic counties. At every turn the Gore campaign was looking for "extraordinary procedures" focusing only on where they'd have the advantage, and blithely going against state election laws, abetted by the Florida Court. The Democratic Party, the various Leftist groups, and the Media that loves them, were 100% behind these efforts as they were horrified at the prospect of losing the White House to GWB. Any abuse of the law, any twist of the truth, served for them "the higher good" of preventing a Gore loss. Fortunately, the U.S. Supreme Court eventually weighed in to, in essence, say that they had to "play by the rules" that had been in place in Florida (in terms of how recounts could happen, their time limits, etc.), and put an end of the desperate attempts to steal the election.

Nowhere in the Main-Stream Media were there reports of the blatant and systematic vote fraud perpetrated by the Democrats in the 2000 election, and in-depth reports of these on places like World Net Daily were brushed aside as "rightwing kooks". However, for me, and many people like me, the 2000 election was very nearly stolen by the Left ... like a bullet whizzing past your head, it was a horrifying, traumatizing experience. As Hugh Hewitt (prophetically) titled his book If It's Not Close, They Can't Cheat, many conservatives developed a "never again" attitude to preventing the likes of the "Gore coup" ever repeating.

The 2004 election cycle was very ugly ... the Left had mobilized big money (George Soros and his cabal of dirty money handlers) and ducked around the traditional channels by funding attack groups like "MoveOn" and promoting scurrilous crap like Michael Moore. The MSM finally showed its hand as being blatantly biased in a whole string of unsubstantiated attack pieces on Bush, with Dan Rather being only the most egregious of these, destroying decades of credibility in a fevered attempt to dig us some dirt on Bush where there was none while simulaneously ignoring mountains of very damning evidence about Kerry in a style that could re-write the fairy tale of the Emperor's New Clothes!

Additionally, the Kerry/Edwards campaign had put together a team of thousands of lawyers, ready to pounce on any point of weakness ... all but declaring that they'd win this one in the courts if they couldn't in the polling places. Having a bottom-feeding "ambulance chaser" like John Edwards on the ticket did not help this perception in the least. They even had a "quick strike force" of lawyers lined up to fly in immediately to "take control of situations" where Bush had a narrow lead.

So, fast-forward to election night 2004 ... Bush has been up in the polls by 3-10% for weeks ... state after state was showing up red on the election maps ... all night long he'd had a lead in Ohio (with enough electoral votes to put him over the top) by 130,000 or so. Except for FOXNews, none of the major media would call Ohio. As the hours crept along, Ohio still sat on everybody else's map as an "undecided" white state, while nextdoor Pennsylvania had been called for Kerry early in the evening, even though Bush was far closer to winning Pennsyvlania than Kerry was to winning in Ohio. It seemed, and I truly believe that this was that case, that the MSM was deliberately trying to set up another "FL 2000" scenario in Ohio, dragging things out as long as possible (in sort of an inversion of their calling Florida for Gore long before polling places in the Republican-leaning FL "panhandle" counties had closed in 2000, and thereby potentially convincing thousands of would-be Bush voters to stay home because "it was over" already!) to let the Kerry campaign set up their legal gambit. Sure enough, it wasn't long before the Kerry campaign indicated that there were dozens of lawyers already on planes heading for Columbus.

Most of my "going ballistic" that evening was the prospect that the Democrats, being aided and abetted by the Left-leaning MSM, were going to blatantly attempt to steal Ohio from Bush. They'd said they were ready to go in with a full legal assault if they were in danger of losing, and here it was playing out in full view of the world, with NOBODY saying "boo!" about it except for the conservative blogs. I still think that there are tens of thousands of Democratic operatives, lawyers, organizers (all that damned MoveOn, etc. crowd), and others who should be brought up on charges of election fraud ... but that night I wasn't in such a giving mood ... I just wanted the bastards taken out and shot.

Fortunately (from my perspective) once the Democratic legal squad had "boots on the ground" they found that they were going to be hard pressed to make up a 130,000 vote advantage for Bush given that there weren't that many outstanding "provisional" and absentee ballots, so these would all be having to 100% to Kerry, plus they'd have to dig for other votes. Since (according to one net source) the initial batch of provisiional ballots were breaking 2-to-1 for Bush, they threw in the towel ... like Hewitt put it "If it's not close, they can't cheat" ... which was when Kerry finally came out to say "we can not win this election".

Anyway, I've probably gone beyond what I wanted to in this post (putting in context the "why" of my extreme emotional reactions on election night), so I'll let this go at this point. I'm just sorry that MY emotional expressions over the election appear to have had so many unintended additional effects!

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