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An interesting post ...

This is something of a post-mortem on the election from a "centrist" Democrat on how he sees his party is needing to change. This segment I found of particular interest ...
Mainstream media bragged of being able to boost the Dems by 15 percent (do you remember Newsweek saying that?). The "blogosphere" has been crowing that MSM failed to do so (for which the blogs also claim responsibility), but I don't agree. I think the MSM actually succeeded in bringing the Dems a 10 to 15 point boost in the election (and maybe more). Before the media spin machine started systematically slamming Bush 18 months ago, he was favored at around 66% in the polls. 66% minus 15% is...well...the 51% margin Bush was re-elected by.
... somehow I'd missed the MSM bragging that it was going to bring down Bush, but that was clearly its intent. I still think there should be some retribution coming their way ... but how? It's a nasty bit of business when the Press becomes blatantly seditious, yet hides behind the first amendment.

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