BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Exhausted ...

We've spent the past two days running all over the city (well, all over our territory, at least) dropping off "goodie bags" to school counsellors. When we've not been running up mileage on the rental car, we've been trying to "spruce the place up" at home for the visitors we're having next week. This has involved quite a bit of painting on my part, and a whole lotta schlepping of stuff (we had a carpet cleaning service come in to do the living/dining areas, and I probably had to drag 200 cubic feet of crap out of there for them to be able to find the carpeting!).

We got another couple of customers today (yay!), and heard back from a number of the schools that they've recommended us already. We'll be a lot less nervous when we get to around 33 on-going clients, but it's nice to have some trickling in on the front end of our ads being out there. Our "target" is 100 students, which shouldn't be "pie in the sky" for a 200,000+ population territory, with something like 50 schools and 20 colleges. I just wish were were there already.

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