BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

New CafePress Stores ...

Well, these are ones that I've been whipping up for the Libertarian Party of Chicago ... finally got over the "can't do this/can't do that" crap and got going with some stuff. Still waiting for a replacement image for one thing, but otherwise, doing good. I had my enthusiasm for the CafePress concept justified a bit to the other folks on the LPC board (who really "just weren't getting it") when ANOTHER organization "beat us to" the use of some really cool images that a Libertarian-leaning photographer had made available on the web. When I contacted him for permission to turn these into CafePress stuff for fund-raising purposes he told me that this other group (much respected, but which shall go nameless here) had already gotten his OK for using them for setting THEIR CafePress stores! Fortunately, from all this, we may be getting new, and "more targeted", images from the photographer!

Anyway ... here are the images for

Here are the images for

And here are the images for

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