BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

I found this very amusing ... OR "Brendan has a brain fart"

NOTE: After posting the second paragraph below, bits and pieces of mis-sorted recall began to piece themselves together and I've felt compelled to edit this to reflect more accurate info!

I subscribe to Rolling Stone. I've been a R.S. subscriber off-and-on for 30 years. Recently, my relationship with the mag has been like an "abused spouse" as I've watched R.S. spiral into the worst sort of Leftism, which has crept into every damn story, and become the filter thorugh which everything there is processed ... it's like watching a good friend get destroyed by drugs or booze (and I've seen that happen "for real" too many times), you want to still like/respect them, but their behavior necessitates developing a certain distance.

Anyway, with that caveat ... I read a blurb in the new issue of R.S. today which gave me a chuckle. As I suspected, Disney is working on a sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean, which (as I likewise suspected) involves a plot around the missing father of Capt. Jack Sparrow Will Turner (who, because of the curse in the first movie, was likely to have "survived" his trip to a watery grave at the hands of the mutineers). Care to guess who's been tapped to play "Bootstrap Jack Bill"? Well, for a hint, if you read any stuff about the making of the movie, you'll recall that Johnny Depp patterned his Capt. Jack Sparrow after a certain person ... yep ... Keith Richards is supposed to be brought in to play the senior Jack Sparrow Turner! How cool is that?!

NOTE: Obviously, I had blurred the Johnny Depp - Keith Richards angle with the character roles ... of course, it would have been more pointed had Richards played Depp's father, since Depp had patterned the portrayal on him ... but Richards is going to be the father of Orlando Bloom's Will Turner character.

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