BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Like you care ...

Yeah, more Pokemon/eBay blithering ...

I figure inertia won out on the PokeRom issue ... I guess had I already been selling on eBay, I would have pulled the trigger on picking up those things from the dollar store, but at the moment, it was just one more project to which I don't have time to give decent attention. I must admit, though ... my "grabby hands" were itching to clear off their shelves of those! At least I got one set for Daughter #1.

And, speaking of Daughter #1, she opened up another couple of packs this morning and found a Mr. Mime ex holo ... this one lists on the "high site" for even more than the Gengar ex she got last night .... this one has a "regular price" of $79.99 there (although it's currently "on sale" for a mere $59.99) ... oddly enough, it's a bit less than the Gengar ex card on my "low reference site", being listed at the strangely-priced $11.67 rather than $12.00 (go figure!).

OK, so now I know you are just aching to find out what Daughter #1 will find in her remaing packs! Plus, you're no doubt wondering what the "value total" for the less-than-$7.00 (delivered) lot of 7 packs of "EX FireRed & LeafGreen" Pokemon cards comes to as well! Well, if you're very good, I might just report these details in a further update later tonight ... the anticipation must be exquisitely painful for you, I'm sure.

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