BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Well ... since you asked ...

Yowza! Daughter #1 finished opening up the rest of those 7 packs tonight and found another Gengar ex! Such a deal! The combination of the three "ex" cards, 7 reverse-holos, and 4 rares brought the "street value" (according to the cheap site) to over $75.00 ... almost 11x what we paid for those 7 packs ... and that's not even considering what the total would have been over at the "high site" (which sells those Gengar ex cards for $69.99 a pop!). Wheee!

Plus, the last of my current outstanding eBay orders came in today (another set of reverse-holo cards), so I'm "good to go" for finishing up the "treasure box" I'm doing for Daughter #1's birthday (which is a week after Thanksgiving). I've sort of lost track of what all I've got going in there, but it's well over a hundred holos, reverse holos, and promo cards that she didn't have yet. I think I'll hold off on the new Pokemon DVD till Xmas (although I'm itching to get into that to see the two promo holo cards that come with that ... I frankly bid higher than I wanted to on the DVD, though I'm still well under Amazon's price for it, because of the promo cards ... the two holo cards that come with it regularly go for over $12.00 on eBay and are eighteen bucks a piece on the "high site"), along with those PokeRoms from the other day (geez, was that just last night? it seems like it was a week ago ... busy day!).

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