BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

L.J. Client ...

I assume that in the newer clients for L.J. that one can edit stuff before one posts, right? I'm still using the 12/2000 "LiveJournal for Windows" v1.4.6 client which has few bells and whistles, and pretty much every time I post something I then have to go into "manage => entries" to edit what I wrote (like I am doing at this very moment).

Frankly, I got confused when they started naming things other than "LiveJournal for Windows" and have been hesitant to download any of those other things since I was never sure if they were official clients or stange hacks that would eat away at my computer. What do y'all use for posting to L.J.?

Once I get my "new" computer functioning again (the damn thing up and died on me ... I suspect that it's currently not recognizing its HD), I'm probably going to make that move over to it that I've been meaning to do for the past 18 months (gods, how I hate having to dig up old software to re-install it!), and I figure that I should change to one of the new-fangled L.J. clients at that point.

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