BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Wow ... eBay/Pokemon blithering

Things have been busy ... I've been backed up on a half a dozen promo things for the new business (including a major panic today with two different art departments trying to implement a thing I designed), plus getting ready for Daughter #1's ninth birthday.

After getting in some things from eBay for a "treasure box" that I was putting together for #1, I took a couple of weeks off ... I was actually "sick of it" and just couldn't "pull the trigger" to bid on anything for a while. Tonight, however, I finished up all the "do-able projects" that were on my desk and figured I'd go surf the auctions. I hit one big ... it was a set of six promo Pikachu cards, all of which we already have, but they were going for so little that I had to bid, just to put them in the Trading Binder! We got all six cards (which, on the "cheap site" were going for about $40.00 with shipping) for $3.30 ... including shipping. Heck, one of these (the holo "birthday Pikachu") is easily a $7.00 rarity, and the "high site" had the holo Pichu card at $19.00! Such a DEAL!

Needless to say, I would have been happier had we "filled some needs" in the collection, but coming in at 8 cents on the dollar is sweet! This helps to balance out my other "win" tonight, which was using Buy It Now on four cards that were missing from Daughter #1's collection ... while we still came in at about 1/3 of "retail" on those, I felt a whole less "victorious" over that, although I was happy to find one of the cards, which was one of the last four "missing" from her Neo Genesis set collection. All in all, we got about $65.00 "worth" of cards for $13.30 ... which I guess is better than me going out and having a few beers.

I hope to have a big rambling "work post" for tomorrow (heck, and get to use my new ClubZ icon!) ... I'm sure you can't wait, eh?

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