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exhausted ...

Today was Daughter #1's ninth birthday. We got up early and did about half of her presents before she headed out to school ... #2 had a bit of a fever and stayed home. We were going to go out to dinner, but #2 was still feeling poorly, so we ordered in from Chili's (#1's choice). She opened up the rest of her loot, we did the cake, and it was pretty low-key. Her party is on Saturday.

I mainly spent the day wrestling with the same project that I've been thrashing through over the past week ... getting these magnet postcards ready to go. Up to this point it was a graphics issue (long story ... but I really wish the Mac would have gone to the "obsolete system graveyard" a decade ago!), but today, when we were in the process of finalizing approvals and signing off on things the printer said "oh, you're going to be mailing these?" ... well, DUH, they are, after all postcards! It turns out that while these are wholly within USPS regulations, each individual Post Office interprets those regulations to suit their own biases, meaning that some will flatly refuse to mail the magnet-backed cards.

Now, I'd already purchsed a mailing list for these, and stamps, and a return address stamper, and was all ready to plow into doing a 2,500-piece mailing in the slow days between Xmas and New Years. What the printer highly recommended was that we go with a local mail house there who could get these out on a fully-automated system on a pre-sort or bulk permit, including the list, for about what the stamp would cost. I guess that's what we're going to do, and save our already-purchased list (which, unfortunately, I just got on labels, not as a file) for a later mailing ... probaby some summer-study promo in May.

Bleh ... I'm very tired of this project, and hate having control of the mailing pulled from my hands. My next project to get rolling is ad signs on the interior of the CTA's Brown Line elevated trains. That's going to cost a bundle, but it will reach large chunks of "our" target population for a very inexpensive per-impression rate. Right now I just want to sleep ... and I wish I could sneak off to see a movie tomorrow instead of work!

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