BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

No ... no ... no ... no ...

I will not bid on things at "retail"! ...
I will not bid on things at "retail"! ...
I will not bid on things at "retail"! ...
No matter HOW rare the cards are or how long they've been on the "need" list!

ARRRGH! Two of the "Wizards' stamped" promos (of the 3 that aren't in the collection already) are currently up on eBay! I just hate paying any more than a buck a card, though ...the Pikachu one would be $7.98 (with "buy it now" plus shipping) and my "cheap reference site" has it listed for $13 ... none of my "reference sites" have the other, Dark Charmeleon, to be able to compare its price, but what's up for auction is a mint card, still sealed in its original plastic pack, the "buy it now" with shipping would be an insane $17.48 (insane for me, at least ... who knows, the card might be "worth" five times that, I can't tell since none of the sites I rely on for pricing have any!). Man, this is frustrating. It's a bitch being both greedy and cheap!

{edit} ... I guess it wasn't just me finding those a bit on the pricey side ... both auctions expired without getting any bids!

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