BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Wow ...

Since we're on the topic of Pokemon/eBay ...

I was amazed to see somebody putting up one of those "Ex Collector Tins" for a starting bid of $20 (with a "buy it now" of $22) ... admittedly, some sites are selling these at as much as $24.99 (see link), but that's what I bought a couple of cases of at about $3 each a while back. I was watching this auction as I was sure that nobody would bite at that price point, but what do you know, it went for $20 plus a very high $8.50 shipping charge!

I've been planning on putting those up with an opening bid of like $8.00 and a buy-it-now of $10 ... now I'm thinking that I could open bidding at $10 and do like $15 for the b-i-n figure ... plus I was only going to charge $4.50 shipping (as they are just under a pound in the small Priority Mail boxes). I should get off my butt and get those up for sale while the Xmas acquisition madness is upon the populace!

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