BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

You're sick of hearing this already ...

Maaaaaaan ... I thought I had a DEAL just now ... I found an auction for six holos, 2 of which we needed, which was sitting there, with one bid, at it's opening bid of $2.00 ... I did a little research, saw that the two cards we didn't have "retailed" over $20 between them, and went in with a fairly substantial bid. I came up as the high bidder with 33 seconds left ... "oh, bliss, oh joy", right? NO! Somebody had loosed a bot on it with less than a minute left, and it (in typical rapid succession of 8-second intervals) pushed bid after bid in, finally passing me with 18 seconds left to go in the auction. Not enough time for me (on dial-up, especially) to respond, but plenty of time for it to shoot off more bids if it had to. Damn, I hate those fuckign bots! Nothing like being in a wide-open auction (the earlier bid had been from yesterday) having a high bid with under a minute to go, sitting there ready to pay and suddenly discover some god-damned program that you have no HOPE of beating has swept in and snagged it from you. I hope the motherfucking winner gets terminal papercuts from the fucking cards!

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