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What would it be like ...

Last night The Wife was out with a friend of hers who is in town celebrating her 50th birthday ... leaving me and The Girls to fend for oursleves. We were having a hard time coming to a mutally agreeable dinner concept (#1 wanted to stay home, #2 wanted to go to the Rain Forest Cafe, and I would have preferred having "real food" somewhere without a kids menu). Somehow the idea of going to Ed Debevic's came up and all parties felt that this was an acceptable plan (they have a really good chicken fried steak platter with a remarkably light and complex "sausage gravy" which came close enough to sating my "real food" leanings, although I was actually more in a mood for some escargot). Unlike any time I've been there previously, it was dead, probably less than 1/4 full, leading to far less chaos and hilarity than is their usual shtick. In fact, they were only able to drag up 3 waitrons for a dance routine (eventually joined by the DJ), for a predictable renditon of Y.M.C.A.

You would think they'd take a slow night to be experimental ... what I wanted to see them do was a dance to Bauhaus' "Bella Lugosi's Dead", even if they had to watch the start of The Hunger a few dozen times to get Peter Murphy's vibe! Ah ... how I miss the old punk/goth clubs of the late '70s and early '80s! I tell you ... sometimes it's a bitch to be an alterna-geezer!

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