BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Life imitates ... well, commerce?

Wow ... I just saw a single card go for $61 over on eBay ... unfortunately, none of the "reference sites" I use have this in stock (so I have no price to be able to compare it to), but I'm only used to seeing that sort of per-card figure on the "high site" and not "in the wild" on eBay! I wonder if this was a "bot war" ... although the pattern suggests it may have been a bot vs. a person ... the winner put in four additonal bids (in very quick succession) after they were already in the lead, which makes me think "bot". Anyway, if you want to see what I'm talking about, the auction info is here and the bid history (always fascinating reading) is here!

In other news, I just won 8 packs of the latest Pokemon set in a "Dutch Auction" ... which is a strange thing where you bid an amount and a quantity ... it appears that I was the only person bidding, so I'm sort of kicking myself that I didn't go in for the minimum, but, as it was, I got the win for a whole 80¢ more than what the minimum would have been. This wasn't a "steal", but the total with shipping came out, per pack, at about 1/3 less than the lowest "retail" I can find (and that's the price before shipping), and they're certainly coming in at less than half of what "store cost" runs around here (and it's more Xmas for Daughter #1, so I'm inclinded to splurge ... if getting something at a deep discount is "splurging"!).

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