BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Ah, the lure ... the siren song ...

Yep ... picked up one of those "How the Hell did this not get bid on?" things last night ... one of those auctions that if I wasn't idly surfing through the listings of my Pokemon search I'd never have seen. The title was vague enough: "2 Pokemon Holo Cards"; and the listing was badly done (a very blurry picture and only the names of the Pokemon on the cards, no set data or card numbers) ... but, with a little bit of knowledge (and a few dozen clicks worth of research), I found that the two cards up for $0.99 were worth $18/$26/$49 depending on if you believed the low, medium, or high reference site! So, with shipping these came to $2.99 ... if I'd bought them at the low site they'd have been $21.00 (with shipping), so I'm right there at that "1/7th of retail" sweet spot!

I sometimes feel guilty or wasteful buying cards like this (especially since Daughter #1 already has both of these in her collection), but that's a lot of "fun" for a mere three bucks ... and, heck, #1 should be able to trade these for some ultra-rare cards that she doesn't already have, giving her the fun of both the barter game and the thrill of "making a kill" when she lands some rare holo ex card!

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